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3 Ways Workday Can Help Your Team Manage a Return to the Office with a Dynamic Workforce

3 Ways Workday Can Help Your Team Manage a Return to the Office with a Dynamic Workforce

The entire world has gone through a shift over the past few years, especially in the world of work. Many say it will never be the same. While that isn’t a bad thing, it will take some adaptation, problem-solving, and innovation on the parts of management teams everywhere. Now, Gallup is reporting that over 40% of remote-capable employees are working hybrid schedules, with 39% working fully remote. This entirely changes the dynamic of teams and their infrastructure. So, how do you change your Workday iteration and HR software to meet these new demands? Let’s explore a few options…

Employee Engagement Tracking for Business Longevity

Is your team ready to come back? Do you have an at-risk population? Who needs to come back first based on critical skillsets? Workday Peakon Employee Voice offers a platform that provides real-time insights into what your team thinks, feels, and is capable of at any given time.

The data it collects helps gauge the engagement levels of your teams. This will help you deploy the best possible action plan for a return to the office and what that may look like for your team’s unique needs and desires.

Site Planning for Optimal Workplace Readiness

When you do design that back to the office plan, it’s important to consider health, safety, capacities, etc. Using Workday tools, you can determine how much space you need based on who is coming back, vaccine management, work requirements, etc.

Plus, with that information, you can then create a plan to ensure you have all the tools and resources necessary to keep them safe and healthy in the workplace. With this, you can also identify what-if scenarios for risk management planning that is now ever-important in the workplace.

Uncover Support Needs for All Employees

By deploying pulse surveys, you can gain insight from your team on how they’re adjusting, what they need, what gaps need to be filled, and more. Making the return-to-work seamless starts with open communication and data, and Workday helps facilitate that.

With this, you can also create personalized journeys that provide resources and on-demand training for each employee’s individual return to the workplace. If feedback is less than stellar, Workday’s automation is able to suggest ways you can help your team’s engagement moving forward!

Watch Our Recent Webinar About the Return to Work

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. If you want to learn more about how Workday can help you navigate your return to work dynamics seamlessly, check out our most recent webinar, Supporting New Workforce Imperatives: Vaccine Management, Flexible Work, Worker Well-Being. Our experts do a deep dive on how your team can prepare, best practices and policies to deploy, and much more.


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