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Doing a Great Job – The Most Important Consulting Attribute

Doing a Great Job – The Most Important Consulting Attribute

I have spent my entire working life in the arena of Consulting. I have worked for massive consulting firms and tiny ones that were just trying to make a name for themselves. For me, this encompasses 12 years of consulting experience and various projects, most of which have been in the area of HR.

Even though by saying “doing a great job is the most important thing” I’m stating the obvious – and no one will argue that is vital in any project or engagement – I honestly feel it’s actually the most important attribute that any consultant can bring to the table.

We have all worked with fellow consultants who, project after project, do a fantastic job that wows the client, and really puts the consultants’ company in the limelight. A lot of us have also either personally experienced or heard about projects that went wrong, and overnight have caused people to resign, have their career momentum shattered, or worse, ended up with an unshakeable negative reputation.


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