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Why We Created the Integration Marketplace

Why We Created the Integration Marketplace

How many times have you been in the situation or heard about the scenario where a sales person quoted an integration for $10,000 only later to find out it’s actually 5 file feeds with 2 bi-directional ones and the new price tag of $50,000. Getting integrations built within your Workday environment shouldn’t be a difficult process. We believe that the business world is moving increasingly toward a self-service model where transactions don’t have to be done through inefficient sales cycles, phone calls and meetings. Part of Kognitiv’s philosophy is to empower clients and we think this is going to do exactly that.

At the end of the day, the goal for any integration build follows the following criteria:
1) It’s cost effective
2) It’s done on time
3) It works every time

What the above criteria highlights is excellence in execution and a know-how of proper and correct implementation of integration systems. Each time I hear there is some innovative approach to integrations, especially within the Workday platform, I have to take that with a grain of salt. Clients don’t want to be sold on some magical process or some form of ‘additional services’ with an additional price tag attached. They want to be ensured that the above criteria are met. If this means that integrations are more of a commodity, then so be it.

I know that in the services consulting world, ‘commoditization’ is frowned upon because it’s difficult to up sell a commodity. You can’t wrap a bow around a Fidelity Retirement Savings inbound integration and try to call it or make it something different from client A to client B. We understand that and embrace that.

This is why we created the integration marketplace. A fantastic resource to quickly get a proposal on any integration system you are trying to connect with your Workday system. Being in a unique position accounted by the years of experience in post-production support services, our team has seen plenty of requests come in for all forms of integrations. It had always been in our sights to create a portal where we could optimize the current cycle of integration builds.

How we see it working:
You use the marketplace to get proposals on any new builds, upgrades of existing systems or even audit of your current integrations.

Your part is to fill out a form with available information, selecting which systems you want to connect, direction of the data flow and submit. The request is reviewed and an email is sent with the proposal detailing the cost, effort and time. The idea is to reduce miscommunication, unwanted level of sales cycle while saving time by following an effective approach in helping the client.

We invite anyone who wants to deploy a cost effective integration that works and is done in a timely manner to submit a request to our Marketplace.


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