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Year-end Go-Live and Workday® Support Done Right

Year-end Go-Live and Workday® Support Done Right

System support should be simple. If a client has a system problem, they should contact their respective consultancy/support mechanism to get an answer.

For such a basic interaction and engagement model, why are consulting companies asking clients to jump through hoops, commit to dollars spent, and charge varying rates for work and play the musical chair game with consultants? I think everyone knows what I mean! You call about an Integration issue on Monday and you speak with Suzie. You have an Integration problem on Tuesday and now you have to deal with Bobby. Very Frustrating!

Here is what is unique about our On-Demand Support Model.

1. Zero-dollar commitment for support access.
2. Only pay for the time we spend on helping you, and hence:
a. No prepay;
b. No use it or lose it;
c. No minimums;
d. No rate cards to confuse budgeting.
3. We support all Workday Functionality!
4. We specialize in HR-Event Support, such as:
a. Payroll Year End;
b. Benefits Open Enrollment;
c. Performance Cycles;
d. Advanced Compensation Cycles.
5. We work on Projects Too!

For all clients going live with Workday® at the end of this year, we would like them to consider a firm like Kognitiv that holds the following philosophy—

  • Happy employees make happy clients
  • We empower our clients
  • We are here to help you, not sell you
  • We build trust through transparency
  • We work as a team

Give us 15 minutes of your time to show you how we can help you in the post-deployment world of Workday®.


  • Luke Switkowski

    Luke Switkowski has been working with Workday for over a decade. He developed the On-Demand services model to supporting Workday clients.

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