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PLNU and Kognitiv:

Half a Decade of Support

Our relationship began in August of 2016, when Kognitiv, Inc. was 5 employees strong, and Point Loma Nazarene University officially signed up as lifetime client #4. Since those days, and because of PLNU’s willingness to take on new modules and live on the cutting-edge of Workday capabilities, we’ve partnered to explore almost every area of Workday. As we approach our 5-year anniversary, we wanted to share a few highlights of our Workday journey.

On-Demand Support For Workday®

Workday Extend

We built a Workday Extend application to replace functionality from the prior Student Management system. The Extend application interfaced with an external system which tracked student attendance at weekly convocations.

  • Allowed coordinators to create and manage weekly events, view and manage
    attendance, and bulk load exceptions.
  • Allowed Students to view their attendance progression, convocation requirements, and view credited attendance.

Innovation Services

  • Switched over to the new UI with People Experience
  • Implemented Workday Cases for internal questions and issues

Student Support Service

  • Completed a security overhaul, updating to proper constrained role access
  • Implemented Student Notes Functionality and Segmented Security

Workday Prism

  • Enabled and configured Workday Prism as a central repository and reporting hub for Student Success Metrics.
  • Re-secured sensitive data objects through Workday Prism to enable secure Student Accommodation Reporting.
  • Leveraging Workday Prism for institutional data warehouse reporting.

Implementation Extravaganza

  • Moved Merit and Bonus process to shared participation configuration with now 3
    successful merit cycles
  • Full implementation of goals and performance process, including new hire reviews
  • Workday Learning for annual and on-demand training
  • Workday Financials supplier contracts implementation

Did you say Reporting?

  • Executive Dashboard for Turnover, Diversity, and Demographic Reporting
  • Payroll Changes and Student Earnings Reporting
  • Benefit Dashboard to monitor eligibility, show upcoming passive events, and audit retirement elections
  • Accrual and time off reporting, time block modification
  • Recruiting metrics and demographics
  • Activity Pay and academic period reporting
  • Financials Projects Dashboard

The Rest

  • 4 years of successful open enrollments and 1094/1095 support including new vendors with new integrations (7 full integration builds)
  • Document distributions for handbooks and guidelines
  • Security Audit including ongoing maintenance reporting
  • Recruiting updates, recruiting hub, requisition compensation
  • Time Tracking overhaul for adjuncts workers
  • Full HCM suite audit and review for best practices and missed release updates


“Kognitiv has been more than a vendor – they have truly partnered with our business in using the entire Workday platform. This includes, HR, payroll, accounting and finance, the student information system, big data (PRISM), and reporting. We see the members of the Kogntiv team as an extension of our staff.”

Corey Fling – CIO and Maria Zack – Special Assistant to the President for Planning