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Introducing CloseCoda™

The easy button for companies requiring multi-level consolidations in Workday® Financials.

Consolidated Data. Simplified Close.

Workday© Financials is a powerful, cloud solution designed to deliver complete business insight into your organization while intelligently automating processes and reporting. However, if your corporate structure has many layers of hierarchy structure, or comprises hundreds or thousands of columns, you probably understand the challenges that exist when it is time to produce consolidated Financial Reports.

CloseCoda for Workday® Financials solves two material issues facing companies requiring multi-level consolidations in Workday:

  • Inefficiencies in effective-dated hierarchy consolidation reporting
  • Inadequate support of sub-level eliminations within Workday Financials

Why Workday® Customers Choose CloseCoda™

Using cutting edge automation, CloseCoda™ can automatically consolidate your companies’ data during, and for years after implementing your new Financial system.

  • Configured to support the way you do business
  • Cost Effective Subscription for ongoing use
  • Optional Data Consolidation Tool for use during Workday© Deployments
  • Saves Customers $700,000 on Average

Case Study


See how CloseCoda™ empowered DESRI to complete the data source for a fully effective-dated, consolidating trial balance for every hierarchy node in its corporate structure in minutes.


Consolidated Reports

Whether you’re reporting on multiple projects, portfolio companies or other assets, CloseCoda™ for Workday© allows you to provide consolidated reports without the manual effort.


Simplified Implementation

Kognitiv Inc. configures CloseCoda™ alongside our Data Consolidation utility
at the onset of your implementation of Workday© Financials, saving you up to 10% of your implementation cost.


Turn-Key Setup & Advice

Setup and advisory provided by world class Workday© experts with decades of experience on the business side of Finance.

Ready for Consolidated Workday® Financials?

Simply reply to the email and we’ll have you up and running in just 3-5 business days.

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