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Deployment Health Check


The Workday Community is riddled with lessons learned.

Is the success of your project worth a second opinion?

Kognitiv’s Deployment Health Check service ensure your Workday Go-Live is running at peak performance from day 1. We operate independent of Workday, focusing on bridging the gap between your desired outcomes, and the integrity and functionality of your Workday system. Our team is composed of industry experts with unmatched experience in getting Workday projects done right the first time.


Our comprehensive review meticulously aligns your business needs with industry best practices. We’ll evaluate your system configuration, data accuracy, and completeness to identify any Go-Live Blockers and prescribe enhancements for optimal performance to keep your Workday platform thriving.

Revitalize Your Workday Journey with:


Risk Mitigation

We identify potential issues and provide guidance on how to address problems before they become a risk to your business operations


Quality Assurance

Expert review of the integrity, accuracy, and reliability of data and system functionalities


Cost Efficiency

Eliminate costly rework by addressing issues proactively


User Confidence

Kognitiv’s thorough examination and risk mitigation allow users to adapt new processes and functionalities with minimal disruption


“Our implementation partner is focused on getting us live on time, but often details can be missed on best practices. Kognitiv has the specific expertise, module by module, at a moments notice to assess and make recommendations. The recommendations are clear and confident”
– Mersana Therapeutics

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