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How to Navigate reporting on complex hierarchy levels in Workday Financials

Is your period close held up by Intercompany Eliminations? Do you require sub-level consolidation structure for consolidated financials? Join our CloseCoda experts in this seminar to learn about our in-house developed software and how it can help you. Brady and Jake will discuss how CloseCoda functions, the requirements of adopting CloseCoda and how CloseCoda has helped some of our clients so far.

Workday Finance Transaction Support

Are there manual aspects to your month-end close that you would like to automate? We discuss how Kognitiv can act as an extension of your team to help you effectively achieve ledger account reconciliations, GAAP financial statement assistance, and more within Workday.

Decoding a Doozy (DAD) – Termination Participation Bonus Rules – an alternative to using Mass Operation Management (MOM)

Are you tired of handling terminations manually after an advanced compensation process launch and every time you test? Do you find that your bonus pools look inflated, due to terminated employees being included, who shouldn't be? Well then you've come to the right place to learn about how to use Termination Participation Bonus Rule Sets to your advantage!

Workday the Smart Way: Smartsheet Project Management for Workday

Experts on both Workday and Smartsheet, Kognitiv Workday Project Managers give you direct insights into the best ways to manage your Workday Projects, ensure your team is able to communicate and collaborate efficiently, and grant visibility into what is going on to key stakeholders.

Building Dashboards & Reports like a PRO in Adaptive Planning

Join our Adaptive experts in this seminar to learn how to build more efficient web-based reports and dashboards. We will cover the fundamentals of building dynamic reports that can adapt to changing business needs, and demonstrate how you can create reports and dashboards that offer real-time insights and analytics.

Project Debrief : Behind the Scenes of Implementing Workday

A behind the scenes look at a Workday implementation project from the perspective of the client-side Project Manager and Advisory support consultant- expect to learn about the wins, challenges, a deep dive into the timeline, and lessons learned.