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Project Management Best Practices

At Kognitiv we understand what makes for a successful Workday project. We've leveraged our deep experience and expertise with Workday to build repeatable Project Methodologies for every type of Workday project, including:
• Your initial Workday Go-Live
• New Workday Module Implementations
• Acquisitions and Re-orgs
• Tenant Audits & Compliance
• Process Redesigns & Configuration Overhauls
• Minor to Complex Enhancements
• Integrations with Other Systems
We'll share our insights and experience from a variety of Workday engagements, discuss the different approaches we've developed to support any type of Workday project, and explain best practices for ensuring successful delivery of your next Workday project.

How to enable higher adoption within Adaptive Planning

"In this session, we will cover:
1. Access rules and how a more robust security model enables more users to be in the system.
2. Tasks and Workflow which is the approval process within Adaptive
3. Dynamic Dashboards"

ACA in Workday

Overview of setup needed to create 1094/1095-C forms and sending to IRS, including Kognitiv solutions for supporting the State mandate reporting. Brief overview of measurement setup for ACA