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Managing tenant access

This session will explore different ways for controlling access to non-production tenants through SSO, Authentication Policies and other means.

Workday Project Management

There are a number of different types of Workday projects we and our clients engage in, and each has its own nuances. We'll discuss some of the most successful and proven approaches to common (and some not-so-common!) Workday Projects, discuss project management tools and methodologies to support each, and how to make your next Workday Project a success!

Overview of Retained Earnings Redesign in Workday

Workday will be retiring the current process of calculating and reporting on Retained Earnings later this year. Uptaking the new functionality will entail updating many critical reports, as well as tenant configuration. In this session, we will explore the new functionality, and walk through a Composite report to update it for the new Retained Earnings functionality.