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To kick off Kognitiv Connect, come hear directly from our fearless leaders on how they not only saw an opportunity in the Workday space, but determined it was an absolute necessity to start Kognitiv and shake up the industry. Ask them anything!

Segmented Security for Absence

Security Segments in absence are an item that is easily overlooked but can be extremely valuable when configuring Leave Types and Time Off Plans. Workday delivers this functionality by default for Leave Types and will be requiring it soon for Time Off Plans. We will go through the setup, high impact items to look out for when setting up the segments and use cases for different segment security setups.

Effective Dating in Workday Time Tracking

This session will address how to effective date changes in your Time Tracking solution resulting in minimal disruption to your end users. We will help answer the question: How do we implement changes in Workday Time Tracking configuration while maintaining a consistent employee experience and without native effective dating in the Time Tracking space?

Models, Trends, and Ownership: The Challenge of Supporting Workday

This session will review what to be aware of when it comes to supporting Workday, the different ways to structure a support model, and the current market trends in the Workday ecosystem. We’ll discuss some real examples of support models and dive into the weeds on what to expect when planning or supporting Workday.


A high level overview of BIRT including a Q&A and common practices

Workday Project Management

There are a number of different types of Workday projects we and our clients engage in, and each has its own nuances. We'll discuss some of the most successful and proven approaches to common (and some not-so-common!) Workday Projects, discuss project management tools and methodologies to support each, and how to make your next Workday Project a success!

Kognitiv Kompliance – EEO Filing Solution

EEO-1 Reporting in Workday Just Got Way More Simple. Introducing Kognitiv’s Client-Driven Solution for Accurate, Easy, and Streamlined EEO Reporting. For many Workday clients, EEO Reporting season was the most dreaded time of the year. Kognitiv is changing that with our latest solution. This Kognitiv Kompliance Solution takes time intensive, manual tasks for regulatory reporting, and replaces them with simple one-click solutions to get the reports you need , quickly and ready for filing.

From Write to Right – Studio XML to JSON Transformation

Converting JSON output generated by a Studio "write step" using hardcoded values and unmaintainable logic into a dynamic, supportable and reusable xml to JSON transformation. This session includes Studio Demonstration and Oxygen stand alone testing demonstration using XTT FO Processor.

Benefits Level Up: Wellness, Credits and Surcharges

Come and join us for a knowledge session on how to integrate wellness participation into your benefit offerings. We will cover how to configure Workday to recognize wellness eligibility and how it feeds to payroll through credits and surcharges.

Interview Scheduling

High level introduction of Rooster, the Interview Scheduling solution designed for Workday by Workday experts. Rooster was created to provide a simpler, more comprehensive and more consistent way to schedule interviews between the hiring team, managers, and prospective talent. Rooster saves time, promotes efficiency, and creates a fantastic candidate experience that leaves a great impression on the candidates you want to hire.