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Implementation Projects

Implementation Projects

Implementation Projects

Implementation Projects

Implementation Projects

Workday implementation is a large-scale effort with many moving pieces. Just as every client is different, every implementation is unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We live and breathe post-go-live support, so we understand how to properly configure a system with future functionality and maintenance in mind. We know the level of impact a design decision or missed test case can have because we see it every day.

At Kognitiv, we offer seamless & responsive support to our clients through their Phase 1 Workday implementations. Our experienced consultants have executed countless Workday implementations and worked through all the post-go-live challenges. Our agile support helps our clients to make quick and right decisions during their Phase 1 Workday implementation. Be it functional streams, deployment, integrations, or technical support – Kognitiv is your trusted Phase 1 advisory partner.

New Modules
Effortlessly Expand Your Operations Already live with Workday but want to rollout Payroll, Time Tracking, Recruiting, or any other Workday product? We’re the team for you! Our team is skilled at deploying new modules, without disrupting current operations.
Project Architecture
Your internal Workday team knows your business better than any outside consultant could. If your team is ready to execute a project, use Kognitiv to get expert guidance at critical milestones. Kognitiv can provide a Project Architect to work with your team and provide best practice knowledge as you determine scope and timing, gather requirements, solution, test and deploy a project big or small. Your Project Architect is not only a teacher but a guard rail that sees downstream impacts and around corners you didn’t know were there. With a focus on training your team and setting up your tenant for success, we can design a project with frequent check-ins and configuration reviews in any functional area.
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