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Learning Implementation

Implementing and maintaining Workday Learning is a big undertaking. Let the experts at Kognitiv help design a solution that works for your business, walk you through the implementation process, and take the stress out of go-live!

We approach every Workday Learning implementation with emphasis on the items below.



We design and facilitate discovery with the final product and ‘live’ state in mind. As a phase X implementer, we understand how the early decisions will impact the future production state. Kognitiv lives in the post production space—all of our consultants know how to look around the corners to piece together and design a holistic system.

Knowledge Transfer

Workday Learning will be yours after go-live, and we want to be sure you are set up for success. Our consultants approach every implementation with knowledge transfer in mind. From explaining decisions and the system early in the design stage, through teaching and explaining test execution, all the way to formal knowledge transfer and training sessions near go-live, our goal is to train you for future success.


Testing is one of the most important stages of any Workday Learning implementation. We understand how difficult it can be to test something that is theoretical and not ‘live’. We’ll help to facilitate test script creation and testing execution to ensure you’re not just testing a test scenario but preparing for life in production and understanding the impact of your testing.


Support and Reports

Even with proper design and an effort towards knowledge transfer, having proper support to be comfortable through go-live is crucially important. We will be with you through go-live and support as much as necessary to help stabilize the system.

Lastly, reporting often takes a backseat during implementation. We make a point of discussing reporting early, building the system with what you want to get out of Workday in mind, and validating reporting through testing. We want you to see an immediate ROI from your implementation and reporting is a crucial piece to the puzzle.

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