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Platform Optimization

Platform Optimization

Platform Optimization

Platform Optimization

Live Projects with Expert Support

Kognitiv has successfully resolved nearly 1M ad-hoc support and project requests from over 200 customers requiring mission-critical support. Needless to say, If it’s Workday, we can build it, fix it, or support it with industry-leading quality.

But most of all, our customers lean on our deep breadth of experience to optimize their platform and maximize the return on their software investments while also creating exceptional experiences for their users. Kognitiv delivers a full range of offerings to support your ever-changing needs and requirements every step of the way.

Security Audit Services
Workday Security Audit for Your Business

Don’t let security threats or mismanaged access policies cripple your business. Here’s how you can keep your data safe and secure with a Workday security audit by us.

Tenant Audits & Enhancements
Get the best Workday review and recommend service. We aim to help your businesses compete, collaborate, and grow.

Release Management
Twice each year, Kognitiv helps 100s of clients through Workday release planning and execution. Our team of experts will assist through the adoption planning and work side-by-side with our clients to properly test and deploy the new Workday features. We also offer additional Release Update support services such as a comprehensive integrations review, security assessment, and employee “life cycle” regression testing.
Business Process Deep Dive Workshops
A Workday implementation is an opportunity to take your existing processes and reassess if they fit with your desired future state. Lift and shift is not the way to best optimize your Workday experience. Our iterative design approach to business processes pulls from the experience and success of clients currently live on Workday. Whether you are defining a new process or harmonizing business processes across companies, Kognitiv’s Workday experts will help you define the right process for your organization.
User Experience Enhancements
Employee self-service security configuration, intentionally designed business processes, and creative options in Journeys or Workday Today can completely shift your user experience with Workday. Leverage our Workday experts to keep your employees engaged with Workday.
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