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Project Management Services

Our Services

1. Monitor and Tracking of Deliverables
2. Stakeholder Management
3. Project Communication Approach
4. Change Order Management
5. Scope Management
6. Risk Management
7. Issue Management and Escalation Approach
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Project Management Services

Monitor and Tracking of Deliverables
On-time deliverables and milestones during projects are crucial to a project’s success. To ensure project success, Kog Project Managers drive projects with comprehensive Project Plans created even before the Kickoff Meeting. The project plan outlines key tasks, milestones, dependencies, and durations.
Stakeholder Management
Kog Project Managers understand that the project is only successful when stakeholders are satisfied. Kog Project Managers ensure their satisfaction through a Project Methodology which includes a task in our Plan Phase to engage with key client project team members to discuss stakeholders as a stand alone item and gain an understanding of who the project stakeholders are from Day 1 and what their expectations are.
Project Communication Approach
Communication is essential and this is why Kog Project Managers lead the communication during the entire project from pre-planning meetings to stabilization between client, our Kog consultants, and any external partners or third party vendors to execute the project scope.
Change Order Management
Kognitiv is founded on transparency which translates to how we approach change order management. Our extensive Workday® and project management experience ensures thorough initial scoping to ensure accurate estimates for the base scope to avoid any Kognitiv or third party vendor change orders without any actual project changes.
Scope Management
The scope definition is the foundation of the project and drives all other elements forward. The team needs to know what we are doing first and foremost before addressing other key project elements like the Project Plan, or defining Stakeholder engagement, so we can avoid the need to readjust down the line.
Risk Management
We work to manage risks by proactively identifying them, communicating them to the appropriate stakeholders, and addressing them during each phase of the project. Kog Project Managers are their clients’ partners and advocates throughout the mitigation and resolution process.
Issue Management and Escalation Approach
Kog Project Managers are experienced, have lived through project issues, and understand that once they arise, we need to quickly and effectively mobilize to resolve them.

Kognitiv’s Approach
to Managing Our Clients’ Projects

Act Like An Owner
This is a Core Value at Kognitiv, and Kog Project Managers conduct their projects with this at the core of all they do.
Communication is Key
Kog Project Managers drive engagement and productivity through constant communication, via the right means.
Documentation is Empowerment
Proper documentation is what allows us to empower our clients. This dedication to documentation enables our clients to manage and maintain their system even after the project is completed.
Repeated Methodology Founded in Experience
Kog Project Managers and Consultants have lived and breathed Workday. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and if we haven’t, we’ve got the experience and resources to figure it out.
Transparency is Trust
When you Act Like an Owner, you are transparent in all you do, because that way your knowledge and competence is clear, issues and their resolutions surface naturally, and trust is easily established and maintained.

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