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About the Client

Software and Technology
1,000+, established in 2015, revolutionizes revenue organizations through leveraging customer interactions. Their Revenue Intelligence platform employs AI technology to capture, analyze, and act upon every customer interaction, facilitating enhanced business efficiency, informed decision-making, and accelerated revenue growth. With over 4,000 companies globally trusting to support their go-to-market strategies, the company is dedicated to helping businesses grow revenue efficiently.

The Challenge


In late December, Gong experienced a setback when unexpected changes occurred within their HRIS team. The team faced a challenging task: finishing their Advanced Compensation Implementation project in Workday. Although they understood the basics of the solution, they admittedly lacked the expertise to decode existing work and determine what was needed to complete what would be their first merit cycle.

Complicating matters further, the project’s work was scattered across multiple tenants, adding another layer of complexity to the situation. This required quick thinking and creative solutions to bridge the expertise gap and finish the project on time.


“We worked with other options previously last year that didn’t work well and compared with Kognitiv, we had a great experience with the timeliness, expertise and efforts of Kognitiv consultants.”

– Joanna Sun, HRIS Director

The Solution


In early January, Gong recognized the urgent need for specialized expertise and promptly reached out to Kognitiv to explore our Staff Augmentation offering. The objective was clear: to engage the assistance of a seasoned expert capable of swiftly assessing the project’s complexities and conducting a thorough gap analysis. With the aim of ensuring a seamless project execution.

Gong envisioned involving this expert for a comprehensive three-month period covering every phase of the project’s life cycle, from requirements gathering and configuration to testing, deployment, and ongoing hypercare support. This strategic partnership was set to provide Gong with the vital support needed to navigate the challenges ahead and achieve successful project outcomes. Throughout the project, the Kognitiv team was able to support with:

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Kognitiv and Gong collaborated to improve the existing compensation management structure by establishing new pay scale structures and revising the Compensation Review template for better alignment with organizational needs such as enhancing user understanding with insightful guides and modifications to the compensation grid logic.
Testing and Move to
Production Approach
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Kognitiv ensured a smooth execution of compensation-related processes through thorough extensive testing and support. Including planning and implemented visibility controls for promotions to comply with employee visibility dates and policies. Kognitiv and Gond also defined effective strategies for managing blackout periods and grid items during compensation processes.
Security Roles
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Roles and responsibilities were assigned to individuals involved in the compensation review process for clarity and accountability.
Managing Data Consistency
through Validation Rules
and Approaches
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Custom validation rules were developed to ensure consistency and accuracy in merit-based compensation decisions, addressing redundancy issues. Gong can now maintain data consistency through the implementation of validation rules to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

“We appreciate the great customer service, addressing needs, and actioning immediately when we voiced any concerns. There is a great open line of communication and ease of working together, in addition to ensuring our work was completed.”

– Joanna Sun, HRIS Director

The Impact

Kognitiv played a crucial role in guaranteeing the timely and successful launch of this high-visibility project, securing Gong’s reputation for delivering excellence under pressure.
Kognitiv’s expertise and continuous knowledge sharing empowered Gong’s HRIS team to effectively self-manage the solution and drive sustained success.
Through our guidance and ongoing support, Gong’s HRIS team achieved a seamless implementation and gained the skills and confidence to navigate future challenges autonomously, ensuring long-term success for the organization.

“We would highly recommend working with Kognitiv and looking forward to continuing partnership on future projects!”

– Joanna Sun, HRIS Director