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Achieve Turnkey ACA Reporting on Workday®

Kognitiv’s ACA solution integrates seamlessly with Workday®, ensuring timely
and accurate compliance with individual state reporting mandates.

Simple, accurate, and timely yearly ACA state filing – on your schedule, not ours.

Compliance with state ACA reporting requirements can be a manual, painstaking, and time consuming process that steals cycles from mission critical objectives. On average, companies spend 100-200 hours each year to develop the reports, which does not include the countless, additional hours spent reviewing and revising data sets before filing. In addition to stealing from your mission critical objectives, the cost of filing late or inaccurate reports can be financially devastating to your business.

With the US expecting additional states to implement these requirements in the coming years, businesses are searching for a more effective approach to these mandatory filings. For Workday® customers, Kognitiv has become the gold standard in simple, accurate ACA state filing.

Kognitiv’s ACA solution integrates seamlessly with Workday®, ensuring timely and accurate compliance with individual state reporting mandates.


Why Workday® Customers Choose Kognitiv for ACA Reporting

Kognitiv delivers a full range of Workday® Benefits and ACA support to hundreds of customers every year. Our Solution has been developed with a combined 75 years of Workday® Benefits expertise.

  • Updated automatically to reflect changes each year
  • Early access to Kognitiv’s connectors, providing additional weeks of time each year to complete the filing process
  • Unlike other tools, our solution lives in your Workday® environment, allowing activities to be completed on YOUR timeline, not ours
  • Connectors for new states requiring ACA filing provided at no additional cost
  • Access to 150+ Workday® experts for additional support for any ACA project

Kognitiv’s ACA 1094/1095-C Dashboard

Auditing your 1094/1095-C codes and configuration just got easier!

With Kognitiv’s ACA 1094/1095-C Dashboard, you can leverage helpful audit reports and tasks all in one place!

Get quick visibility into the codes and number of employees within each for both Lines 14 and 16 by month. Saving you time and clicks with little to no room for error!

Plus, an Audit report of your data to assist in creating your forms and easy filing for Federal and State records as needed. You can now validate name and address character limits, invalid or missing SSN’s along with flagged codes that you may want to review. Allowing you to correct errors before they even happen!

Additional Reporting Essentials Included:

  • 1094-C FTE and Total Count Details report
  • View 1094-C form data
  • View ACA 1094-C Company Configuration
  • View ACA 4980H Safe Harbor Configuration tasks

Your one stop shop for all things ACA!


Ready for your Workday® ACA Filing Solution?

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