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Change Management Services

Change Management:

An enabling framework for managing the people side of change to drive speed of adoption, utilization, and proficiency to achieve desired outcomes

At Kognitiv, the success of projects is more than simply ensuring the technology is deployed and functioning. We want our clients to see the desired speed of adoption, system utilization and maximize the return on their investment from a people perspective. And that requires a comprehensive approach to change management alongside the project management efforts.

Kognitiv Change Management Services are scalable to fit your organization’s needs, and the changes being implemented.

Kog CM Support
Intended for clients with a strong internal Change Management function who intend to lead CM internally.
Kog CM Partnership
Intended for clients who will engage in a shared Change Management experience with a Kognitiv CM Consultant.
Kog CM Engagement
Intended for clients who may not have an internal CM resource, and/or do not have the capacity or experience for this CM initiative.
Workday® Implementation Advisory
Implementing a New Module
Enhancing Existing Functionality
Workday® Releases
System Optimizations
Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures

Kognitiv’s Change Management Consultants leverage expertise, proven methodologies, and customizable tools to integrate change management into your overall project starting with Plan, through Manage and Close.


Change Impact Analysis
A Change Impact Analysis is an important step to understand WHO is impacted and WHAT is the level of the change along with any associated RISKS for each item. Leveraging the Kognitiv Impact Analysis tool will clearly identify key priorities for the communications and training plans as well as focus key efforts if time or people resources are constrained.
Communications Plan
Mapping out a detailed communication plan ensures the right messages get to the right people at the right time using the right delivery vehicle. Is it a page on the organization's SharePoint? A dedicated Slack channel? A video and FAQs for use in all hands meetings? A one-size-fits-all approach will not work, and Kognitiv Change Consultants know how to drive decisions on how to most effectively reach your organization.
Training Plan
With expertise in organizational learning, Kognitiv Change Consultants will design a training plan focused on key tasks and processes using the most appropriate delivery methods for each. This could include embedded help text, guided tours, job aids, video tutorials, instructor-led sessions, and train-the-trainer so clients can deliver content if needed.


Organizational Readiness Assessments
Organizational Readiness Assessments are targeted brief pulse surveys that can be administered periodically throughout the project to measure how the change efforts are progressing. Your Kognitiv Change Consultant will help identify a cadence and appropriate audience(s) from which to gather feedback, which will help shape and adjust plans moving forward.
Develop Communications & Training
Kognitiv Change Consultants partner with clients to develop targeted communications consistent with the organization's brand and change drivers. In addition, customization of key training templates will ensure that resources are aligned with the client’s specific tenant configurations and processes.
Deliver Communications & Training
Timing for the delivery of communications and training must be aligned with the overall project timeline. Your Kognitiv Change Consultants will make any needed changes to the communications and training plans should project dates and milestones shift to maximize the effectiveness of these deliverables.


Adoption & Measurement
Kognitiv Change Consultants partner with clients to identity key metrics in advance of go live to gather baseline data and then provide reporting post launch to measure system utilization, adoption and proficiency.
Recognizing and reinforcing achievements is a key component of make change stick. Through the Adoption & Measurement work, Kognitiv Change Consultants guide their clients in delivering key post launch communications to the organization.
Lessons Learned
Part of every change management effort is about building organizational capacity and capability for change. Through a Lessons Learned session led by a Kognitiv Change Consultant, organizations have an opportunity to identify key successes that can be replicated as well as highlight what should be done differently in future change efforts.

Kognitiv’s Approach
to Managing Change for Our Clients

Act Like An Owner
This is a Core Value at Kognitiv, and Kog Change Management Consultants conduct their projects with this at the core of all they do.
Communication is Key
Kog Change Management Consultants drive engagement and productivity through constant communication, via the right means.
Documentation is Empowerment
Proper documentation is what allows us to empower our clients. This dedication to documentation enables our clients to manage and maintain their system even after the project is completed.
Repeated Methodology Founded in Experience
Kog Change Management Consultants have lived and breathed Workday®. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and if we haven’t, we’ve got the experience and resources to figure it out.
Transparency is Trust
When you Act Like an Owner, you are transparent in all you do, because that way your knowledge and competence is clear, issues and their resolutions surface naturally, and trust is easily established and maintained.

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