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EEO-1 Reporting in Workday Just Got Way More Simple.

Introducing Kognitiv’s Client-Driven Solution for Accurate, Easy, and Streamlined EEO Reporting.

The next owner of this task will never know the challenges faced from having to manually manage this data and the tedious nature of annual data input. It’s … something I could have never imagined was a possibility… thankful for your vision and determination to make it a reality.

Kognitiv EEO Reporting Pilot Customer,
Award-Winning Global Company with 1,500+ Employees

Do your reporting in-house, in hours—
not days or months.

For many Workday clients, EEO Reporting season was the most dreaded time of the year.

Kognitiv is changing that with our latest solution.

This Kognitiv Compliance Solution takes time intensive, manual tasks for regulatory reporting and replaces them with simple one-click solutions to get the reports you need quickly and ready for filing.

No more spreadsheets, no more data entry.

Kognitiv Kompliance Solution for EEO-1 Reporting: How it Works



Customizable reports to audit data for accuracy and completeness, year-round, making filing season a breeze.

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One-click reporting supplying data ready to file electronically, no additional tweaking required. Simply download and upload!

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Immediate access to best practice resources & expert Kognitiv consulting and support, for seamless, fast deployment.



Once implemented, the Kognitiv team will suggest improvements for even more future benefits.

Case Study

Case Study Collectors+ copy

Patagonia® collaborated with Kognitiv to create a consistent and comprehensive solution to their annual EEO-1 reporting process.

Case Study Collectors+ copy

Ready to Save Time, Money, & Frustration on EEO-1 Reporting?

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