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designed for Workday®


Our On-Demand Support model is your peace of mind when something unexpected happens. We have every functional and technical area of Workday® covered!
There is no minimum dollar commitment to have a contract in place with Kognitiv. Use us when you need to and never worry about any lost dollars due to a 'use it or lose it' policy.


Our Workday® Architects will guide you in mapping out the roll-out of new Workday® Functionality. Every client has different priorities and internal processes. We help our clients decide on what make sense for them in terms of new functionality roll-out, and more importantly, the timing of it.


From small dashboard projects or a complete job catalog overhauls, Kognitiv can assist with projects of any size. From 10 hours or 1000 hours, it doesn't matter to us.
Our consultants are very experienced in project work with live customers. Collectively we have done hundreds of Open Enrollment, Merit and Performance projects in addition to unique integration projects. Knowing how to deploy functionality when a client is already live is very important, and we know how.

New Modules

If you are ready to roll out a new module within Workday® - such as Recruiting, Learning, Absence, Time Tracking or others -let us do the heavy lifting in helping you deploy the functionality. With over 100 clients we have deployed many Modules for our clients.


At Kognitiv we love to assist our clients in any way we can. As part of day to day interactions with our clients, we are able to take those experiences and craft stand-alone and fully integrated Workday® solutions. Some of our solutions include services and software, while others are add-ons that our clients can purchase to use internally for their organization. As Kognitiv continues to expand its expertise, we will be launching more solutions over time.

Client Advocacy

Support of client-side responsibilities during the implementation process. We will be with you every step of the way.


Kognitiv’s Web Browser enabled Integration Monitoring Tools Includes:

Integration Status Dashboard
Enhanced visibility and analysis on Integration event success and failure rates
Processing Times Dashboard
Provides trending analysis capabilities on integration performance over time
Event Summary Dashboard
Delivered daily via email, the Event Summary provides an automated snapshot of all integration events and potential failures
Integration Schedule Dashboard and Alerts
A complete view of Integration scheduling, enabling proactive schedule extension and expiration monitoring


Kognitiv’s Integration Managed Service is a complete end to end solution and includes:

24/7 Integration Run Time Performance Monitoring
Around the clock monitoring of all Workday® integrations including reporting of job run times
Unlimited Break-Fix*
* Integrations who pass the Kognitiv Audit are eligible
Open Enrollment Updates (Mappings, Rates, Coverage Levels)
Update attribute/mappings for new Benefit Plans (within existing providers) and scheduling and delivery of Open Enrollment files for existing integrations.
SFTP and Key Updates
Vendors keep updating the keys and passwords and Workday® also has an expiry of certificates/keys. We could help in updating those.
Workday® Web Service Version updates
Updates to Integrations to keep them within 5 versions of the latest Workday® Web Service version.
Quarterly Integration Dashboard reviews
Presentation of key integration metrics (e.g. number of runs, average runtime by integration, number of failures)

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