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Crossroads Treatment Centers

Crossroads Treatment Centers

Crossroads Treatment Centers

About the Client

Addiction Recovery

Crossroads Treatment Centers (CTC) provides outpatient opioid treatment with 95 clinics throughout the United States. CTC has about 1100 employees and a small number of contingent workers. CTC is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina and has a centralized HR team responsible for HR and Payroll.


“I found that Kognitiv not only acted as our advocates and provided project management, but also quickly became a cross between provided tactical expertise and nearly staff augmentation when it comes to testing. We would not have passed our end to end testing on time if we did not have Kognitiv assistance.”
– Chief Information Officer

The Challenge


Crossroads Treatment Centers (CTC) started their Workday deployment in late Spring 2022, with a Launch approach and an implementation partner who specializes in rapid deployments.  CTC faced a number of common challenges during the Test phase of their Workday deployment, including:

  • Ineffective project management from an external project manager.
  • A low-quality tenant migration that resulted in failed tests during End-to-End Testing.
  • Inconsistent results from an automated testing tool.

The Solution


CTC engaged Kognitiv to take advantage of Workday Project Management and Advisory Services, adding a client-side project manager, an integration advisory consultant, a payroll consultant and a team of three HCM advisory consultants.

  • The Kognitiv project manager brought immediate value to the role with established tools and templates, backed by the collective brainpower and problem solving of the entire organization, eliminating any single points of failure.
  • On day one of getting engaged, Kognitiv’s HCM Advisory resource identified the root cause of the issue and validated CTC’s concerns. This included identifying the blocker issue, along with multiple, highly impactful configuration issues.
  • Kognitiv’s experts assisted in rebuilding and executing some of the End to End test scenarios to validate which results were valid, and which needed to be retested. When the CTC testing approach shifted, the Kognitiv project team did a testing sweep of all end to end scenarios, identifying scores of defects that were not previously identified.

The Impact

CTC is currently live on Workday and plans to stabilize for the immediate future while utilizing the remainder of 2023 for enhancements, increasing the skills and comfort level of their internal team, and preparing for their annual processes. Kognitiv continues to support CTC with Post Production Services on an ad hoc basis. With the support of Kognitiv, CTC has shifted focus to its near-team roadmap, acting on opportunities to enhance their system. To date, CTC has implemented over 100 Workday enhancements in its first 120 days live on Workday and is realizing optimal adoption from the business all due to a strong foundation at go-live.


“The organization that the Kognitiv team brings to any engagement is top notch. The visual tools, communication style, and approach fits right in with the team and feels like an organic extension.”
– Matt Wojick, Chief Information Officer

Kognitiv's advisory support is
designed to flex up and down based on project needs.

Effort Distribution by Workstream:


Enabling Your Success with Expert Support:

Project Duration:
19 weeks
Average Hours Per Week:
57 hours
FTE Conversion:
1.4 FTE's
Dedicated Team Makeup:

1 Project Manager,
3 HCM Consultants,
1 Payroll Consultant,
1 Integrations Consultant