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Elevate Your Operations with Smartsheet

Smartsheet for Workday®

Your data your way, optimize your Workday Project Management with Smartsheet for easy data access, visibility, and monitoring.

Streamline Your Operations
Improve Collaboration
Increase Visibility

As experts in both Workday and Smartsheet, Kognitiv can help you develop project management solutions and automations to more efficiently and effectively manage your Workday initiatives, including:

  • Workday New Module Implementation and Testing
  • HRIS Project Portfolio Management
  • Workday Roadmap Management
  • Workday & HRIS Change Management
  • Workday Change Control

Smartsheet for PMO & Project Management

Smartsheet delivers the insight and intelligence your project teams need to operate at peak performance and support your business. Kognitiv can help your team leverage the power of Smartsheet to collaborate, manage, and visualize work in real time, automate workflows, and deploy new processes at scale.

Managing a portfolio of projects? Let Kognitiv empower your PMO with the tools you need to effectively manage and report on projects across your organization:

  • Project submission and approval workflows
  • Plan, track, and report on multiple projects in one place
  • Design a real-time portfolio level view of metrics across all projects
  • Automate notifications for new projects and KPIs to key stakeholders and business owners

Smartsheet Training

Not only will our Smartsheet experts provide guidance and best practice on any customized solutions we help you deploy, but we can also provide training to enable your team to leverage Smartsheet to its fullest and develop your own unique solutions to cater to your business needs.

Receive Specialized Smartsheet Training on:

  • Smartsheet Basics

    Enables your team to leverage Sheets, Dashboards, Reports, Automation tools, and more to make your projects and processes more efficient.

  • Smartsheet Advanced

    Enables your smartsheet administrators to develop better tools and manage your Smartsheet system and user population.

  • Project Management

    Enables your organization to not only better manage projects, but to leverage Smartsheet to promote collaboration and create transparency across all projects within your organization.

  • Smartsheet Premium Apps

    Get the most out of Smartsheet and learn how to use its most powerful features such as Control Center, DataMesh, Dynamic View, WorkApps, Data Tables, Data Shuttle, and more.


Smartsheet for Workplace Efficiency

Do you have cumbersome and manual business processes? Talk to us about your business objectives so we can help you design a more scalable and automated processes in Smartsheet including:

  • Process Mapping & Analysis
  • Task Automation
  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Reporting & Dashboards

Benefits you'll realize:

Improved efficiency
Consolidated Workflows
Reduced costs

Are You Using or Considering Smartsheet for Your Organization?

Kognitiv can help you evaluate your organization’s business needs through the best applications of Smartsheet. Including: selecting the right licenses, plan, and Smartsheet Premium Apps based on your needs, capabilities, and budget. We’ll help you implement your Smartsheet solution and empower your teams to do more great things in Smartsheet!

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