On-demand Support for Workday®.
Simple solutions for your complicated problems.

Kognitiv’s services are simple, clean, and transparent. Not to mention their depth of Workday® knowledge is second to none.
Richard Lee, Adobe
Sr. Director, Customer and Employee Experience

Kognitiv Help Desk

On-demand Support for Workday®, ranging from answering questions, break fixes, knowledge transfer, payroll processing/settlement assistance, reporting, integrations, and much more.

New Functionality for Workday®

Already live with Workday® but want to rollout Payroll, Time Tracking, Recruiting, or any other Workday® product? We’re the team for you!

Packaged Solutions

Kognitiv truly sets itself apart with the concept of Packaged Solutions. The idea is simple; don’t reinvent the wheel.

Mini Projects

Need help with a medium size project that will take about 20-40 hours of work? We do that too!

Client Advocacy

Support of client-side responsibilities during the implementation process.

Stabilization Support

If a go-live did not go smoothly, or is more challenging than anticipated, we can help get you back on track.

Kognitiv’s deep Workday® knowledge and expertise was critical in our implementation process.
Christina Luconi, Rapid7
Chief People Officer
rapid7 logo

Put simply: experience and empowerment

The founders and consultants of Kognitiv live and breathe Workday®. We understand that going live with your new system is just the first step in a long partnership with Workday® and its ecosystem. Implementations are fast and furious, with work like reports, dashboards, and knowledge transfer often postponed until after a go-live. In some cases, your implementation partner has already moved on to its next project. This is why Kognitiv exists: to bridge the gap for those clients wanting to better maintain and enhance their system post a go-live.

It is important for you to have an engaging partner that will be there every step of the way. Whether we are backfilling a turnover situation or helping navigate the ever-changing Workday® landscape, we want you to know you can depend on us. As part of our commitment to engagement, we offer services that help you become Workday® experts yourselves.

Our experience dealing with more than 150 live Workday® clients means we have seen and done just about everything imaginable in Workday®. This type of experience gives us a perspective few firms have. With new clients, we know how to quickly audit a tenant and see what functionality you are and are not using within your configuration set. We give specific guidance on what is a recommended practice for your given industry.

Kognitiv also prides itself on reducing unnecessary overhead by leveraging the newest and most innovative technologies available. This allows us to scale properly, give more transparency to our clients and employees, while maintaining competitive services costs.

Whenever I have a client that requires deep knowledge and experience in Workday®, I refer them to Kognitiv. The team they have assembled is absolutely world-class.
Kevin Koser, The Tyton Group
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Our employees are the engine of our company

We seek to be the best in the Workday® ecosystem, in both customer and employee satisfaction. We want to hire the best, and we want to retain the best. We have seen that happy employees go hand-in-hand with happy customers. We truly believe that if our employees feel engaged, challenged, and empowered with the work they do every day, they will provide the top-notch service for our clients and our prospective clients.

Why do we hold this core belief?

Kognitiv’s founding members have built teams and organizations from the ground up. We have the “Mail Room and Up” mentality because that is exactly where we started. No matter if you are in Data Conversions, a Functional Lead, an Engagement Manager, Project Manager, Architect, Sales Lead, or head of Operations, you can expect to be in charge of building a career on your merit, hard work and track record with fellow employees and our clients. We understand what it takes to do the job, and do the job well. At Kognitiv, you will report to a person who is an expert in the domain they manage, exhibit empathy toward employees and provide proper guidance in the most critical of situations.

All Kognitiv employees are eligible for the following

Proven consultants that are a cut above the rest will be paid above market rates.

We match 100% of your first 5% of Salary that is contributed toward 401k. There is a waiting period of 60 days for new employees, no strings attached. Contributions are matched monthly.

We offer Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage for you and your family.

If you want to join our company but are concerned about an H1B Visa or a Green Card process, we will take care of that for you as part of your employment package.

We believe in running a healthy and profitable business. Part of the profit should belong to the employees that help build a great company. Currently Kognitiv sets aside 25% of the profits to be distributed to it's employees annually.

Take your career as far as you want to take it, we are here to help, not hinder that growth.

If you are a person who sees yourself as a leader, innovator, and is willing to work hard, then Kognitiv is a great place for you!

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