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Tenant Transformation
Advisory Support
See how the experts at Kognitiv collaborated
with DESRI to develop automated hierarchy
consolidation in Workday Financials
with CloseCoda!
Solving Hierarchy Level
Consolidation in
Workday Financials
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Without an effective payroll function, your
business would break down. Centralize
your Acquisitions process by empowering
your Payroll team to take ownership by
determining and evaluating the impacts to their Workday tenant.
and Their Impact
on Payroll
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The Workday Experts

Seamlessly transition your enterprise management system into the cloud and ensure optimal efficiency pre-, post-, and during Go-Live. Kognitiv helps you prepare for the future of work while maximizing your Workday investment, empowering you to work smarter, faster, smarter, and more collaboratively.

Why Kognitiv?

Put simply: experience and empowerment

The founders and consultants of Kognitiv live and breathe Workday®. We understand that going live with your new system is just the first step in a long partnership with Workday® and its ecosystem. Implementations are fast and furious, with work like reports, dashboards, and knowledge transfer often postponed until after a go-live. In some cases, your implementation partner has already moved on to its next project. This is why Kognitiv exists: to bridge the gap for those clients wanting to better maintain and enhance their system post a go-live.


On-demand Support for Workday®, ranging from answering questions to break fixes, payroll assistance, reporting, integrations, and much more.

Road Mapping

We help our clients map out what Workday® functionality should be rolled out on an annual or per-update basis.

New Modules

Already live with Workday® but want to rollout Payroll, Time Tracking, Recruiting, or any other Workday® product? We’re the team for you!


Kognitiv truly sets itself apart with the concept of Packaged Solutions. The idea is simple: don’t reinvent the wheel.

Mini Projects

Need help with a medium-size project that will take about 20-40 hours of work? We do that too!

Client Advocacy

Support of client-side responsibilities during the implementation process. We will be with you every step of the way.


On-Demand Support For Workday®

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