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Select Milk Producers

Select Milk Producers

Select Milk Producers

About the Client

Dairy Processing and Sales

Select Milk Producers is one of the nation’s largest and most progressive dairy cooperatives, with 110 family-owned dairies, 32 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 12 processing plants with joint venture plants, and eight joint ventures. Established in 1994, Select Milk Producers markets and processes milk from member dairies in the Southwest and the upper Midwest. Headquartered in Dallas, the company has earned a reputation for innovation in several areas including animal health, environmental stewardship, and overall business practices including new product development (see our popular “fairlife” product). With over 1,000 employees, Select Milk generates around $3 billion in annual revenue and marketed 9.8 billion pounds of milk last year.

The Challenge


After going live via the Launch Express methodology with one of their six companies, Select Milk Producers saw an opportunity to add their companies to the existing Workday tenant. Deploying into a production tenant is faster and cost effective than deploying multiple individual tenants. A few months in, Select Milk Producers realized their internal teams were neither individually prepared for the change nor were they staffed sufficiently to complete the remaining project work. Each organization had its own processes and procedures in place and needed to be trained on how to do their jobs in Workday. They were struggling to balance Workday activities with day to day workloads. Furthermore, moving everyone into Workday was bringing a new and unexpected challenge to the forefront: centralized system configuration, administration, and decision making.

In the prior ERP landscape, each company could add company-specific configuration on an as needed basis. The idea of shared decisions and processes, and a central team managing all updates in Workday was a new concept that brought unique challenges. From training each company separately to avoid sharing confidential information, to making configuration decisions that each could align to, the quantity of work required to meet the deadline increased exponentially due to the companies’ desire to operate as autonomously as possible within their shared Workday tenant.


“Kognitiv has quickly become our go-to service partner for everything Workday! During a very challenging systems implementation they came to our rescue, consistently providing exceptional service by listening to our concerns and promptly responding with resolutions.”
– Lane Burrows, Senior Director of Human Resources

Limited knowledge and expertise of the Workday platform in addition to a short timeline to get up to speed on processing
Limited availability of technical resources to complete configuration of both new requirements and remaining open issues
Transitioning system configuration to one central HR department posed challenges for Select Milk, especially with a new, inexperienced group of administrators, leading to uncertainty due to a lack of comprehensive understanding.

The Solution


Kognitiv Inc. partnered with Select Milk to deliver a personalized training plan that strategically aligned with their deployment timeline, current roles, and future objectives. By conducting training sessions within Select Milk’s own configuration and tenant, our approach facilitated a deeper connection with the educational content. The focus on navigation, main concepts, business process practice, Worker perspective experience, and standard maintenance ensured a comprehensive understanding of the workstream-specific training. Collaborating closely with Select Milk’s leadership, Kognitiv configured the Workday tenant to accommodate requirement changes, completed End-to-End testing to finalize deployment tasks, and tailored security models to align with their business needs. Post-Go Live, Kognitiv’s support extended to Data Conversion, custom reporting solutions, and integrations, ensuring a smooth transition and assisting Select Milk resources in their daily activities. Kognitiv seamlessly transitioned support to Workday governance and system triage, ensuring a seamless and efficient handover. This strategic approach, coupled with top-level ownership and selective access, empowered Select Milk to optimize their processes and continue performing their jobs with confidence.

The Impact


Kognitiv delivered the required learning and job aids for the Partner network of Select Milk’s companies. Instilling the confidence needed for a successful GoLive and beyond


Select Milk successfully implemented its governance plan, with top-level ownership for specific processes while maintaining Workday flexibility through company-specific configuration. SM will leverage Kognitiv's ad hoc support for constant Workday maintenance and success


Facing a tight deadline, Kognitiv experts provided additional resourcing and recommendations through implementation support aligned with Select Milk's specific business needs.