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Kognitiv’s Workday Student Journey

As the Workday Student Platform expands, we recognize the complexities that colleges and universities encounter in maintaining pace with its evolving features and compliance standards. At Kognitiv, we’re dedicated to empowering your institution to excel in today’s dynamic educational landscape.

Why choose Kognitiv for your Workday Student journey?
Expert Support
Navigate the ever-changing landscape of Workday Student with the guidance of our seasoned consultants, while maintaining the cross functional impacts across your entire Workday platform.
Continuous Updates
Stay at the forefront of the Higher Education landscape, where system updates and regulatory shifts are constant. Count on us to keep your system up to date.
Improve Reporting and User Experience
Gain important insights with enhanced reporting capabilities and functionality to ensure optimal performance.
Modernize Operations
Unify your institution on a single, user-friendly system, aligning everyone for streamlined efficiency and growth.
We are committed to helping your institution thrive in the modern age with:
  • Flexible solutions to enhance your systems and seamlessly align complex processes with higher education standards
  • Efficient management of curriculum and advising updates, ensuring annual compliance with state and federal reporting requirements
  • Access to Prism to import external data and create dashboards for leadership to review key metrics with ease
  • On-demand support for critical Workday Student touchpoints, ensuring seamless functionality

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