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From Write to Right – Studio XML to JSON Transformation

Converting JSON output generated by a Studio "write step" using hardcoded values and unmaintainable logic into a dynamic, supportable and reusable xml to JSON transformation. This session includes Studio Demonstration and Oxygen stand alone testing demonstration using XTT FO Processor.

Benefits Level Up: Wellness, Credits and Surcharges

Come and join us for a knowledge session on how to integrate wellness participation into your benefit offerings. We will cover how to configure Workday to recognize wellness eligibility and how it feeds to payroll through credits and surcharges.

Interview Scheduling

High level introduction of Rooster, the Interview Scheduling solution designed for Workday by Workday experts. Rooster was created to provide a simpler, more comprehensive and more consistent way to schedule interviews between the hiring team, managers, and prospective talent. Rooster saves time, promotes efficiency, and creates a fantastic candidate experience that leaves a great impression on the candidates you want to hire.