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Workday Docs – An alternative to text blocks/BIRT

Workday Docs is a great new alternative to text blocks/BIRT that allows users to create and edit documents in a Microsoft Word/Google Docs type editor. The functionality allows users to format and structure data while also adding headers, footers, images, etc., without requiring any configuration in BIRT. In this session we will be giving an overview of this recently released functionality.

Workday Grant Management: Back to Basics

In the presentation we will review the true capabilities of Workday Grants Management. We will provide an overview of the Workday’s basic grants functionality in order to simplify what many consider to be a complicated and confusing aspect of the system.

Kognitiv Kompliance – EEO Filing Solution

EEO-1 Reporting in Workday Just Got Way More Simple. Introducing Kognitiv’s Client-Driven Solution for Accurate, Easy, and Streamlined EEO Reporting. For many Workday clients, EEO Reporting season was the most dreaded time of the year. Kognitiv is changing that with our latest solution. This Kognitiv Kompliance Solution takes time intensive, manual tasks for regulatory reporting, and replaces them with simple one-click solutions to get the reports you need , quickly and ready for filing.

Supplier Remittances

Learn about using or upgrading Supplier Remittances to PDF Format. Automated notifications to your suppliers of invoice payments to assist suppliers in proper payment application.