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Client Advocacy for Phase 1 Projects

Client Advocacy for Phase 1 Projects

Client Advocacy for Phase 1 Projects

Client Advocacy for Phase 1 Projects

Client Advocacy for Phase 1 Projects

Workday implementations are often intentionally streamlined with a focus on move to Production as soon as possible. But with that quick pace, who’s making sure that you’re making the right decisions, that your configuration leverages best practice design, and your tenant is thoroughly tested? Well, you are. Workday clients are responsible for data, testing, change management, communicating design, and executing successful cutover. Let Kognitiv’s experts be an extension of your internal team. We have led hundreds of successful implementation projects in all Workday product areas. We understand Workday implementations. No more ‘We didn’t know what we didn’t know’.

Staff Augmentation for Subject Matter Experts
Workday deployments demand a lot from your internal HR and IT teams. Because of the quick and prescriptive approach of today’s Workday deployments, your internal resources will need to shift some of their existing workload off their plates to focus on the Workday project. When that is not a reality, our experienced Workday consultants can act on your behalf to keep the project moving forward.  

Whether you are struggling with bandwidth issues, the loss of a team member, or internal team without prior Workday experience, Kognitiv can provide an extra set of hands to be an extension of your internal team. Kognitiv’s Staff Aug resources can cover any functional areas where you need extra help.
Filament: Support Staff Augmentation Solution
Filament was built on the idea of innovation and quality delivery. We believe in always putting our employees first, and our values have set the framework for a collaborative and energetic environment. Come be a part of a growing remote organization where individual advancement and learning opportunities are endless.

Test Scenario Development and Execution
Understanding what Workday can do is key to developing thorough test scenarios. We will use our deployment experience to write scenarios that cover your business requirements. Testing both Workday functionality in a vacuum as well as how that functionality works with your full tenant. Kognitiv can also efficiently execute your testing scenarios, noting configuration defects or future opportunities for functionality enhancement.
Documentation and Training
Kognitiv provides targeted training to your users based on your requirements and system configurations. From Partners to Administrators to Manager as Self, we can provide training on a schedule that works with your deployment and business needs. Your organization also may have documentation needs outside of the standard design workbooks delivered by Workday. Whether you have a need for SOX compliance security reports, process flow diagrams, one pagers on administrative tasks or transactions, we can create the Workday documentation that your business is asking for.
Data Transformation
Clean data in Workday is key to reporting and analytics, business processes within Workday, and any handshakes to downstream systems. We can take your data extracts and transform them into the Workday conversion format. Then validate the data loaded into Workday to confirm it is appearing as expected.

Depending on your deployment approach, the go live data in your Production environment may be months stale. Mass uploads are confusing and manual transactions are time consuming. Kognitiv can help load your catch up transactions in a manner that makes sense to your business. If you do not have a large volume of data transactions to complete, our consultants can leverage the opportunity to use catch up transactions in the Workday user interface as knowledge transfer sessions for your team.

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