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Workday Rising and 2022R2 Recap

Workday Rising and 2022R2 Recap

Rising 2022 provided Workday changemakers with the opportunity to connect and network face-to-face for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.  Many of Kognitiv’s experts were able to attend to transfer knowledge and exchange thoughts on emerging issues within the ecosystem, gaining new insights and relationships from within the Workday community. Countless suggestions were shared through informational sessions with a common goal of staying up-to-date on “What’s New in Workday”.

Continue reading as we share some exciting new enhancements that customers can uptake immediately!

Receipt Scanning

Workday version 30 saw the release of a service that made scanning and uploading receipts for expense reimbursement easier than ever. However, this functionality came with its limitations that hindered its usefulness, especially in non-English speaking countries. Workday now offers a new expense receipt scanning service powered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) APIs. This service broadens the usefulness of expense reimbursements making them available for use globally and in multiple languages.

Workday has also leveraged the GCP API to increase the number of fields that are scannable, decrease processing times, and scan handwriting to return results.

The service conforms to Workday’s standard security principles and policies. Organizations have the option to opt-in to data selection, allowing Workday to use their data to validate accuracy. The data will not, however, be stored, sold, or used in any way by Google; it will remain 100% within your system and with Workday.

Customers can opt into this service using the “Innovation Services Opt-In” task. Administrators must ensure that the security groups with access to this service are included on the domain “Self Service: Receipt Scanning” with Modify access. It is also important to note that the legacy scanning service has been disabled as of the 2022R2 release. If customers did not yet opt-in to the new service, their receipt scanning functionality is now disabled.

Self-Service One-Time Payments

With 2022R2, Workday finally released an option for employees to request one-time payments for themselves. Up until now, there hasn’t been any self-service functionality in the Core Compensation module. With this update, reimbursement scenarios we struggled with previously now have a solution.

How does an employee request reimbursement for something that is ad-hoc if we don’t use Workday Expenses? This can be accomplished by an employee self-requesting a one-time payment! Enabling an employee self-service option removes the need for using the Request Framework or any manual entry by HR Partners, and it keeps the entire process within Workday. No more paper is always a win!

Do you have reimbursements that are taxable and require payroll processing? Employee-initiated requests will flow to payroll and be taxed appropriately as long as the associated earnings are configured properly within the Payroll module. Anything that can reduce friction between an employee and a reimbursement without having to involve a manager, a manual form outside of Workday, or someone in HR who has the tedious task of processing these requests on a monthly basis is a welcome update.

How do I enable it? The new feature comes with a new business process type (Request One-Time Payment for Self) and a checkbox on all one-time payment plans to indicate if a plan is Worker Selectable.

Workday People Analytics

A major topic of discussion this year is analytics. It has always been important, but as technological capabilities increase and customers continue to uptake the functionality, we see further growth and opportunity in this area.

Until now, Workday HCM has offered a self-driven, continuous analysis of your data through customizable reports, dashboards, and discovery boards. With Workday People Analytics, customers can now leverage a packaged application that delivers analytics through a powerful workforce data engine. Essentially it’s like having a team of analysts doing the work behind the scenes, but it’s always right at your fingertips.

The key benefits of People Analytics are:

  • It surfaces insights into a standard set of business questions (Workday will tell you what you need to know!)
  • It uncovers trends in employee movement, hires, and transfer and highlights inconsistencies in span of control, tenure, and promotion rate, offering an extra level of depth into your organization’s composition.
  • It identifies opportunities within the recruitment process, such as spotlighting bottlenecks in your current process and displaying trends.

Workday People Analytics does the work for you, using your data to tell stories about your workforce. And when you need it, it’s ready to go in an on-demand format. Enable it by navigating to the Innovation Services and Data Selection Opt-In page in your Production tenant.

The Workday ecosystem continues to grow and change, bringing in new and exciting technology every day. The experts at Kognitiv strive to stay knowledgeable on all topics with the ability to support clients of all shapes and sizes in all industries. Contact us today if you want our help to build it, fix it, or support it… whatever it is!


  • Valerie Szombathy

    Valerie is a Sr. Project Manager at Kognitiv who has been with the organization since January 2021. She came to Kognitiv with a background in HR as well as hands-on Workday configuration experience in the areas of Core HCM, Benefits, and Recruiting. Valerie has managed many Rooster projects and a myriad of Workday projects of varying complexity spanning many different functional areas. She also led Kognitiv’s internal implementation of Smartsheet, holds Smartsheet Core Product and Solution Professional certifications, and loves to help drive organizational efficiency through technology.

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  • Linda Zelms

    Linda Zelms has been in the Workday ecosystem since 2014. She was a subject matter expert for a software company from implementation to post-go-live support and continuing process improvement. She supported the following modules in her role: credit and collection, customer contracts, procurement, supplier and supplier accounts, projects, security, business process configuration, banking and settlements, reporting, business assets, and core financials. While in this role, Linda diligently worked to improve the Workday Financials product by becoming an early adopter of new functionality working closely with Workday developers to ensure the product met the needs for all clients. As a Workday Business Consultant, Linda aims to provide clients with simple solutions for complicated problems.

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  • Dana Nairn

    Joining Kognitiv in 2021, Dana has worked in Functional, Project Management, and Advisory roles. She primarily supports clients in Core HCM, Absence, and Time Tracking, and enjoys applying her experience from 15+ years in Human Resources and 8+ years within the Workday ecosystem to projects of all shapes and sizes.

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