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Elevating Client Support Through An Unbeatable Company Culture

Elevating Client Support Through An Unbeatable Company Culture

If you’re a regular consumer of the Kog Blog, you’ll know that we generally like to publish an article that will break down a Workday problem and explain how to configure the solution. But it’s nearing the end of the year, our hands are full supporting our faithful clients, and we felt it was time to share something different with our audience!

If you aren’t yet familiar with Kognitiv, you probably don’t know what makes us unique. If you’re a long-time supporter of our organization, do you have any clues? Have you experienced it for yourself?

Newsflash: it’s our culture and we’d love to tell you how it impacts the support we provide to our Workday clients.

What’s so special?

Kognitiv isn’t the only firm in the ecosystem with answers to various questions we’re normally presented with. We have to be special and give our clients something different. It goes beyond the hourly rate we charge or the time you wait for a response on a ticket. We believe that it comes down to our Core Values.

We want to be your Workday AMS provider of choice. We know what you require and desire because many of us have been Workday clients ourselves! Our experience, paired with our simple yet effective values, makes us a force to be reckoned with.

The Kognitiv Way

Kognitiv employees hold their responsibilities in high regard and are always striving to demonstrate this in their work. These values are part of our every day, from our internal collaboration across teams to external assistance given to our customers.

  1. We appreciate and respect our clients, our vendors, and each other. It’s as basic as the golden rule: do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.
  2. We’re transparent; we understand that those we work with want the truth and trust they’ll also give us the truth. We don’t beat around the bush with the truth either. We’re upfront, honest, and forthcoming.
  3. We’re self-aware in that we know we don’t know everything. We also know that we grow when we’re uncomfortable. We seek to continuously learn and better ourselves for our clients.
  4. We’re true to ourselves. We know that we’re better off when we embrace each other’s differences and individuality.
  5. We embrace being different! When a new person comes to Kognitiv as a client or an employee, they know they’ve just stepped into something unique. We’re the ones who look at problems from odd angles, and are never satisfied with statements like “That’s the way we’ve always done it” or “It can’t be done”. We expect better and deliver more.
  6. We act like owners. At its basic most fundamental level, this simply means that we’re accountable for the decisions we make. We’re given the freedom to determine our how, where, and when. As long as work gets done and clients are supported by our high level of service, Kog consultants aren’t directed to start or end at any specific time or day. We’re also treated like owners and are rewarded for supporting the business’s goals. When one of us wins, we all win. When one of us fails, each one of us is there to help.

It’s just good business

There’s a lot to know about Workday to be able to support our clients in every area, but that’s just what we do. From a candidate’s job application to year-end financial reporting, we have solutions that will meet any client’s needs:

  • Implementation advisory and post-production support for all areas including Integrations
  • EEO, ACA, and general reporting
  • Open Enrollment setup and processing
  • Custom BIRT configuration
  • Project Management, Change Management, and Smartsheet training
  • and more!

Furthermore, if our teams don’t collaborate, communicate, and always strive for excellence for our clients, we know they’ll feel it! “You get what you give” is a valid quote for what we experience every day. Our customer base of hundreds of clients is a testament to our work and worth since clients have to be sold on our value for every engagement. 

Whether or not you’re in the Workday ecosystem, these values will make a difference if you embrace them in what you do. If you’ve had any negative employee or client experiences in your organization, would employing any of our values solve them for the future? How can you change your mindset from doing things one way to another if the goal is simple: to satisfy the needs of everyone you work with, both internally and externally?

Getting on the bandwagon

At its core, company culture comprises the essential values, beliefs, and standards that define how things get done in the workplace. A robust organizational culture is crucial as it ensures that your workforce remains engaged, content, and productive, ultimately enhancing the customer experience and contributing to your overall success.

If yours needs some work, try these tactics to inject new life into your culture:

  1. Take responsibility for negative impacts due to poor or undeveloped culture and acknowledge what it has done for you to date. Owning mistakes is a strength, not a weakness.
  2. Overhaul your company values. This will be the most time-consuming item but the key to any other activities. Use an external firm if you don’t have the capability in-house.
  3. Ensure your structures and systems align with your new values, such as the way teams are built or how you use a performance management program.
  4. Commit to employing the new values and ensure a top-down approach in all change management.
  5. Encourage teams to be open about how the new values impact them and ask for timely feedback to make timely changes.
  6. Advertise your values in every external offering, from your website and social media to job postings and sales pitches. Make sure you don’t simply keep them indoors!

Kognitiv’s success isn’t due to just one or two things but the culture plays a big part. If you’re a customer, we hope you’ve experienced it directly! And if you’re not, but want to check out an AMS provider like us, drop us a line today.


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