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Workday Delivery Assurance Reviews: Why You Should Opt In

Workday Delivery Assurance Reviews: Why You Should Opt In

Delivery Assurance, or DA, is your protection from configuration that sways too far out of the boundaries of Best Practice. In a deployment or significant project, think of DA as a wellness check. These reviews are preventive care for your Workday tenant to ensure your future is as healthy as possible. 

Delivery Assurance is a review of your configuration by an expert in the subject matter. It is the assurance that you can have as a Workday customer that configuration and delivery standards were met within your implementation or significant project. DA reviews commonly occur twice during the project timeline: first during the prototype phase when the initial design translates into configuration, and second during the Deploy phase so that the final product can be reviewed before your GoLive. 

DA Reviews are important because they are an exercise for your Workday consultant in customer acumen and configuration. Your consultant will have to justify the unexpected items found in a tenant and report on the general health of the project. Any Workday SKUs can be DA reviewed; your partner should include recommendations based on the size and scope of your project. 

While engaging with an Implementation Advisory client, I was surprised to learn that DA reviews were not included in their Phase 1 project. More and more, we’re finding that Workday Delivery Assurance is becoming optional not only in Phase X but also during the initial Phase 1 deployment. 

Take some advice from a former implementer: opt in for the delivery assurance review. You need it. Your consultants need it. There is a wide range of quality out there and there is no reason not to start on a sound foot in your Workday tenant. DA serves as a crucial checkpoint, ensuring that potential issues are addressed early on, and provides valuable insights from experienced professionals. It’s a proactive step towards setting a solid foundation for success in your Workday implementation.

Ask your Implementer or Partner for their thoughts on DA reviews. Kognitiv views them as so important that we built an internal process for the work we do, requiring that significant project configuration and new tenant builds be reviewed by our own product experts. We invest the effort in upholding quality and we invest the time in our consultants. We believe that quality is in your best interest.

They may be optional but we truly think you’ll be better off opting in! If you’d like to discuss this further, drop me a line at


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