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Kognitiv Solution – Workday® to Fidelity® Demographic Integration

Kognitiv Solution – Workday® to Fidelity® Demographic Integration

Many Workday® clients integrate their system with Fidelity® to manage Benefits, and one important part of the integration suite is the Fidelity® Demographic Integration, which is meant to send relevant data for eligible workers from Workday® to Fidelity®.

However, the standard Template does not dynamically evaluate Workday® defined Benefits eligibility for a given worker, but instead uses either one-time eligibility detected during Onboarding, or enrollment into the 401k Plans themselves. So, in many cases, for Fidelity® to receive data on eligibility, Workday® must send data on enrollment.

This can create scenarios in which the outbound file is incomplete, and as Worker 401k enrollment may be a prerequisite to be included on the file, there will inevitably be cases in which non-participating workers appear to be enrolled in Workday®. For some clients this may be acceptable, but we’ve collected feedback from other users that this set up can be misleading and difficult to maintain.

To provide an alternative approach, one of Kognitiv’s resident Integrations Rockstars – has developed a custom integration which we believe can provide a more efficient deployment than the currently available Templated version allows. Here’s why:

  1. No Benefits Configuration required! Our integration package will contain all the eligibility information Fidelity® needs, pulling right from your Workday® HCM data.
  2. Enrollment into Benefit Plans is no longer a prerequisite to send Worker data out, which means Fidelity® will see the Worker the moment they meet all eligibility criteria, and not before. When a Worker loses eligibility, the integration picks this up as well.
  3. Eliminate the need for ‘placeholder’ 401k enrollments in Workday®, meaning no more invalid enrollment history, and no more confusion.


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