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The Next Era of EEO-Reporting Has Arrived (And It Is About a Million Times Easier…)

The Next Era of EEO-Reporting Has Arrived (And It Is About a Million Times Easier…)

With the dreaded EEO-1 reporting period for 2022 still fresh in your mind, it’s time to start thinking about 2023 and how you can make next year less painful for your entire team. The good news? Kognitiv has your solution. After hearing from Workday clients time and time again that they dreaded EEO-1 reporting season more than a root canal, we decided to get creative and put our problem-solving hats on.

What is EEO-1 Reporting & Why Are Clients Struggling?

If you’re a startup or new to the HR world, you may not have had to deal with EEO-1 reporting yet, or even know about it. EEO-1 reporting, or EEO-1 Data Collection, is an annual process where the government requires private employers with over 100 employees or government contractors with over 50 employees to provide demographics for their team. This includes data like gender, race, job responsibilities, etc.

In the standard version of Workday, there are only a few reports that are able to help pull this data. None with the accuracy required to seamlessly fill out the report templates required by the government for submission. This is why Kognitiv stepped in…

Introducing the Kognitiv Kompliance Solution for EEO-1 Reporting

Our Workday experts are innate problem-solvers. It’s literally what they do all day, every day, for our clients. So, what they came up with is a suite of simple one-click solutions that eliminate the manual process of EEO-1 reconciliation and reporting. This unique Kognitiv Compliance Solution removes time intensive manual report configuration and editing, and replaces them with one-click solutions for on-demand, in-house reporting capabilities that allow you to complete required EEO-1 reporting in hours, not days! No more spreadsheets or data entry. We’re pretty sure your team will be ultra excited about that!

How it Works: A Simple 4-Step Process

So, how does it work?

Customizable Dashboard

Within your Workday iteration, our team will set up a dashboard that displays options for customizable reports. Now, as a part of our deployment, we can help you set up those reports to suit your business’s unique needs. You can pull these reports anytime, anywhere for ultimate ease.

Simple Integration

This stage is where the real magic happens. Our integration system is designed and deployed to pull the data in the format required for your electronic filing. So you can simply click, download, and submit. No tweaks necessary!

Knowledge Access

Our team lives and breathes Workday, especially reporting. So once you dive in, if you need support or resources to get you up to speed, we’re on-demand, at your service.

Enhancement Opportunities

Once implemented, if there’s an opportunity for enhancement, our team can take a look and will provide options for future benefits in resource savings.

Now, all businesses required to complete EEO-1 data collection will be able to do so seamlessly, in minutes.

Ready to Save Time, Money, and Frustration on 2023 EEO-1 Reporting?

Our Kognitiv clients who participated in the pilot program for 2022 were amazed by the ease of use and time savings. In fact, one client from a global company employing over 1,500 individuals shared, “The next owner of this task will never know the challenges faced from having to manually manage this data and the tedious nature of annual data input. It’s … something I could have never imagined was a possibility… thankful for your vision and determination to make it a reality.”

This is the result of deploying our latest Kogntiv Compliance Solution for EEO-1 Reporting. Your business can experience this same transformation. And, we can have the solution running for you in less than 5 business days! Learn more today.


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