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Vaccination Management in Workday: A Ready to Implement Solution

Vaccination Management in Workday: A Ready to Implement Solution

No matter where you are in the world or what industry you work in, your organization has been impacted by COVID-19. From shutdowns to vaccinations, the last year and a half has been a roller coaster for everyone. You are not alone if you are still trying to figure out what’s next!

As an HCM resource, you might have already been involved with the creation of new time off plans, work-from-home policies, reporting protocols, and more. Now with a looming vaccine mandate, the first major deadline is Dec 5, and businesses with at least 100 employees will have until Jan 4, 2022 to mandate covid vaccinations or start weekly testing their workforce.

How will your organization track vaccination status, accommodations, and mandated testing?

Third-party services have formed to meet demand, but they’re often separated from your HCM source of truth. Workday Extend solutions have robust functionality but come with a hefty price tag and may be more than you really need. Workday recently provided an update on its Vaccine and Workplace tracking features, and in addition to its Extend application, Workday is developing additional standard HCM features which are targeted for Production delivery on 12/4/21 (safe harbor applies). The benefit of our solution is that it is ready today and it can be implemented quickly.

If you’re still here, it’s because you believe that there must be a better option out there and you’re looking for it! At Kognitiv, we’ve put our heads together to create a solution utilizing functionality already available to you from Workday HCM to give your organization the insight it needs.

Vaccination & Accommodations Management Solution

Data we’re able to track with this unique solution includes vaccination details, accommodation tracking, and testing results. They are all stored in Workday and combined to provide you with a comprehensive look at your organization’s COVID-19 compliance.

As a general overview, our solution does the following:

  • Leverages requests, custom objects, an integration, and security to give you an integrated compliance tracking tool directly in your tenant
  • Supports employee self-service and allow for parallel events
  • Sets up announcements and alerts for keeping your workers engaged and making their reporting process quick
  • Provides dashboards and reports to track your organization’s compliance strength

You can be a COVID-19 era workplace success story. If you are running Workday today and want greater insight and better tools to manage your organization’s COVID-19 tracking efforts, contact us today to learn more.


  • Alex Vernon

    Alex Vernon has 6 years of Workday experience across numerous reporting and integrations implementations and projects. She has worked for several Workday ecosystem partners going back to early 2016 completing reports, BIRT design, and integrations for a variety of functional areas.